Who we are?

It all started in 2009 when the first B737 hardware components were manufactured.

Since then, year after year, delivery after delivery, adding expertise, quality and professionalism has led us to a position where we can proudly confirm the ability to build a complete functional Fixed Base Simulator. New technologies in manufacturing such as CNC machining, CAD/CAM methods, new types of resins or carbon composites and the use of only the best military or industry grade electronic components assures that the Fixed Base Flight Simulators we deliver will not only be precise as Type Specific Simulator (namely B737NG, B737 MAX, A320) but also will last countless numbers of "go-arounds" and "engine failures".

Today, having experts on board, we can provide the best quality, wide range of Flight Simulators to the worldwide market within most reasonable budgets. From highly customized, bespoke to your needs solution, like FMC trainer, through Procedure Trainer, FNPT II MCC Flight Simulator up to Type Specific, FTD 1 or FTD 2 Fixed Base Flight Simulator. This does not stop us from constantly improving what we do in Poznań, Poland as a daily routine. 

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Where did we deliver our Fixed Base Flight Simulators?

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of Customers in more than 38 countries, almost on all continents.

Our Fixed Base Simulators 'fly' daily in various parts of the world, from Calgary in Canada to Tokyo, Japan. These Flight Training Devices fulfil a vital role in the pilot training process, from ab-initio familiarization to Type Rating Training on B737NG, B737MAX or A320 commercial airliner jets.

Our Flight Simulators meet EASA, FAA and other CAA certification standards. 


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The Team


Graduate of Automatic Control and Robotics at Poznan University of Technology. His engineer's core competencies are flight simulators hardware and low level programming. He holds Glider and Private Pilot Licences.

Krzysztof Kimnes - TECHNICAL MANAGER

Chris is also a graduate of Automatic Control and Robotics at Poznan University of Technology. Responsible for all mechanical parts of the flight deck like Active Controls Loading, throttle quadrant and other myriad of tiny movable parts. 

Marcin Ambroziak - SALES DIRECTOR B737 TRI/CPT

Engineer, graduate of Faculty of Power & Aeronautical Engineering at WUT with vast pilot experience from pistons, turboprops up to B737 TRI. Several managerial positions (up to NPFO & NPFT) in different airlines. Glider pilot with Gold Badge with 3 Diamonds. 


Over years we have grown from just 3 people and became an integrated team of nearly 30 people, each of us giving something unique - be it experience, skills, ideas or just passion to what we do.


Our Research&Development Team consists of highly experienced specialists with technical background and Master's degrees in mechanical engineering, electronics, computer control, automation and software engineering. We love challenges and nothing is impossible. We are constantly working on new projects but have already introduced pioneering solutions and technologies in flight simulation such as CANBUS based communications and modular hardware architecture - similar to OEM modules, as well as few other innovations.