Entertainment Simulators

Amaze your clients and customers in exceptional and unique experience.

Let them enter an exclusive world of airline pilots.
Boost your business with superb additional feature. Make them happy while they are in your premises and let their mind fly away!

Your clients and customers will get memorable experience that can not be forgotten for long time and that will make them want to return with family and friends.


B738 Flight Simulator is a fixed-base, fully enclosed entertainment only simulation device. Simulator resembles the look, flight dynamics and aircraft systems of a B737-800 airplane which is the most common medium twin jetliner as for today.

Passion for detail and realism, that drives FTD.aero Sp. z o.o. Company produces outstanding, unique in its class simulation device, which by definition is designed and manufactured for professional airline industry market.

High Definition, visualization system, based on direct projection or 4K flat TV screens, provides client with immense impression of flight realism. Additionally Active Controls Loading system installed in simulator provides wide spectrum of stimulus, leaving client astonished and amazed.

New product on the market, its unique realism, low cost of investments guarantee quick ROI and potential for further development

Key features

  • Highly cost-effective
  • Low acquisition and running costs
  • Near zero maintenance time
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Highest level of realism for entertainment
  • Unrivalled customer experience
  • Multichannel Wraparound Seamless HD Visual System
  • Fully enclosed flight deck
  • All panels and instruments fully functional
  • Flight Controls with Active Controls Loading System
  • Great selection of simulated scenarios
  • Worldwide airport database
  • Almost unlimited weather condition combinations
  • Built-in stereo system for simulated sounds (environment, cockpit sounds, callouts, alerts)
  • Key point in entertainment center
  • Self sustained entertainment entity
  • Expected short ROI
  • On site installation and training for operator


  • standalone entertaimnet entity
  • additional device in your entertainment park
  • “magnet” for your clients and customers
  • key product during your events
  • simulator can be installed almost everywhere indoors,
  • unique experience for everyone, even for kids!


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